Dragon Gate Trilogy

Description: Dragon Gate Trilogy • Set of 3 Unique Pieces with Hand-Lacquered Presentation Box, Telling the Dragon Gate Legend


Case: 39.5 mm • Argentium Silver • Matte Finish • Sapphire Crystal Both Sides • 18Kt Yellow Gold Winding Crown


Movement: Peseux 330 • Hand Engraved to Match the Dial • Silver Plated and Oxidized


Dial Carp: White Gold/Silver Mokume Gane • Hand-Engraved • Carp Attempting to Scale a Waterfall • Etched and Partly Oxidized


Dial Transformation: Solid Pure Silver • Hand-Engraved • Transformation of the Carp into a Dragon • Background Enameled • Partly Oxidized


Dial Dragon: Enameled Ceramic Dial • Hand-Painted by Gaël Colon


Hands: White Gold/Silver Mokume Gane • Dauphine-Shaped • Etched and Oxidized


Strap Carp: Nile Perch • Argentium Silver Buckle


Strap Transformation: Green Shark Leather • Argentium Silver Buckle


Strap Dragon: Blue Crocodile • Argentium Silver Buckle


Presentation Box: Wooden Box lacquered by Catherine Nicolas (140 hours) • Depicting the setting of the Dragon Gate Legend: The Lake, The Rapids, The Gate and the Clouds • Decorated with Silver and Gold Powder • 3 Windows in the Lid to show the Dials of the Watches


Price: On Request, Only available as a Set