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About Kees Engelbarts

Geneva based Dutchman Kees Engelbarts creates unique hand made watches. Engelbarts uses an ancient Japanese technique called "MOKUME GANE", which literally means "wood grain metal". Kees Engelbarts, initially a hand-engraver is until today commissioned by various high-end Swiss Watch Brands to engrave dials, movements, cases etc.

In 1997 he decided to begin creating his own watches thinking; Why should a watch wear the name of the watchmaker (the technician) if the important thing is aesthetic aspect of the watch; the engraved dial or the beautifully decorated movement? Wouldn't it be more logical to name the watch after its creator? This reasoning proved Engelbarts right; he creates unique watches for people that are looking for "something different".

Kees makes only very few pieces per year using only the best materials and movements for his watches. When you have a close look at a watch made by Kees Engelbarts you can tell that it has been made by hand with passion and love. For Kees Engelbarts "hand made" is not just a marketing slogan.





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